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Forum rules

You are highly encouraged not to divulge the answers (or the URL of the levels) if you don't want to spoil the pleasure of others. However, you can help your friends by giving them some hints but be careful, do not tell them more than they need to know to fully enjoy the game.

The purpose of this game is to search for answers.

You don't need to be computer-scientists to solve these riddles, but it may be necessary to gather information about your computer inner workings and to learn a thing or two about some software packages you may need.

Before posting a help request, make sure the question hasn't been answered yet in the topic.
You'll have to show subtlety in your questions, as well as in your answers to other players. Try and ask accurate questions, but don't reveal any piece of riddles. Posts like "I'm stuck, please heeeeeeeeelp" will be deleted and sanctions will be taken against their author.

Golden rules

1. Try before asking if it works
2. Always remember the previous riddles, and the means you used to reach the current level.
3. If you've got a question, ask yourself, before asking other.
4. Get a fix : What are you looking for? What have you already tried?
5. Anything can be an hint. Page name, url, flash name... ANYTHING!
6. It is FORBIDDEN to help a member who didn't reach level 10.
7. Don't thank people who helped you and don't comment the riddles difficulty on the forum (there's a section "your opinion" for that)

About moderation and sanctions - black sheeps are nasty

- each user starts with no sheep.
- getting white sheeps, or loosing black sheeps is good.
- getting black sheeps or loosing white sheeps is wrong.

Each time you don't respect the rules, a moderator can take a sanction by giving you a black sheep.
Each time you help someone who is stuck, you take part in the forum life, you respect the rules and the like, a moderator can grant you a white sheep.

Basically, what does it mean?

When you get your tenth white sheep, you become a shepherd and may acces a private section of the forum, with lots of wonderful things to see (photos, videos...). When you get your tenth black sheep, you are banned from here.

You will be warned of each sheep you get by a private message. That will be the only way for you to know how many sheeps you have (namely no PM = no sheep).

Read the game rules to find hints on getting started.

Good Luck!

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