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#1 2006-12-02 10:43:16

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[Book] Summer of night, by Dan Simmons

Summer of night

by Dan Simmons (1991)


Synopsis : In the summer of 1960 in Elm Haven, Illinois, some school boarders are witnesses of a series of mysterious and frightening events : one of them disappears, strange noises are heard, a first world war soldiers reappears... The inquiry made by a small group of pupils will lead them to the gothic buildings of a disused school, Old Central. And at the height of summer, the most unbearable confrontation begins : the one between innocence and the most monstrous  terror ever...

About Dan Simmons : With a dozen of books like "Hyperion", "The hollow man", "Children of the night" or "Lovedeath", Dan Simmons is become a cult author. Stephen King and Ray Bradburry see him as a new master of fantastic literature. Born in 1948 in Illinois, he teaches literature until 1987 in a gifted children school. He has been granted with the most prestigious prizes, like the World Fantasy Award, the Bram Stocker Award or the Cosmos Prize. He lives in Colorado with his wife and his daughter.

My Opinion : Sticking to his habit, Dan Simmons gives once again a book you can't leave until the last page. His writing style holds spellbound and you can almost feel the heat of these summer nights, as well as the terror crouching in this disused school. If you liked Stephen King's "It", you'll enjoy reading "Summer of Night", stories and atmospheres are quite similar... whatever the season, these nights will be sleepless.
(By the way, I loved it)

Links : Dan simmons official website

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#2 2006-12-05 14:16:15

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Re: [Book] Summer of night, by Dan Simmons

I'm on my way to finish The rise of Endymion so why not stick with Dan Simmons for the next one smile



#3 2016-01-30 20:12:16

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Re: [Book] Summer of night, by Dan Simmons

As fans of other Dan Simmons books (Hyperion, Drood, and many others) we will make sure to read this one as well smile
Thanks for the recommendation.

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