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What do you think of him ?

A legend
57% - 8
unforgattable music
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I like
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Don't like too much
14% - 2
Definitely not my style
14% - 2
Never heard about him
14% - 2

Total : 14

#1 2006-12-05 17:34:57

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Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa


Short Biography

    * Born: 21 December 1940
    * Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland
    * Died: 4 December 1993 (prostate cancer)
    * Best Known As: Iconoclastic rocker who did "Dynamo Hum"

Guitarist Frank Zappa was also a production wizard whose early work with The Mothers of Invention displayed terrific musical knowledge and an outrageous sense of humor. His foul and funny lyrics were consciously crass, earning him cult status though at times masking the complexity of his compositions. After dozens of solo albums, including Weasels Ripped My Flesh, Apostrophe and Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar, Zappa went from being an underground rock star to being a highly regarded -- if not widely appreciated -- composer. He died in 1993.

After Vclav Havel was elected president of Czechoslovakia in 1989, he asked Frank to take a position in the ministry of culture.


Discography :

Well, the list's so long !!! You can see his discography here or on wikipedia


My opinion :

Well, swan makes me discover this artist ! But it's not really my style. Sorry swan wink
However, he has been a very great singer but not only. He has had a exceptionnal carrier. So I decided to make you discover him at your turn, and I hope for swan it will please you ^^


- Some pictures I found were so funny, but too big, so I put them in attachment ! (hey a monument with his head on it ^^) -

Links :

- The official Zappa's website
- A huge article on wikipedia
- A link to radioblog if you want to listen some songs of zappa ^^

Attachment Icon Frank Zappa Monument.jpg, Size: 58,680 bytes, Downloads: 1,583
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#2 2007-03-19 02:31:08

United States
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Re: Frank Zappa

I don't know about all you guys, but I love Zappa. This one song "Help I'm a Rock" is so damn funny! I can't even describe how bizarre it is. Also just some of his songs start out amazingly, like the first line of the song 'Catholic Girls': "Catholic girls, which their tiny little mustache..."
yeah it's just that good.
and I brought a little treat, a Zappa Crapper http://www.hippiethings.com/posters/Zappa-Crappa.jpg

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#3 2007-03-19 07:57:28

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From: Strasbourg
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Re: Frank Zappa

yeah, i've come to Zappa quite recently, although i had an album of Dream Theater that was dedicated to Franck Zappa.
i really like "Peaches in Regalia".
i'm having big laughs every time i listen to "the big squeeze" and "my guitar wants to kill your mama"...
very complete artist, with brilliant ideas to make a track anything but boring.

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#4 2007-10-04 14:35:08

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Re: Frank Zappa

his sons apparently doing a good job at playing his music, friend of mine went to see him and said it was epic



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