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Level 72

Rules :

- DO NOT post answers, links, screenshots or level's elements. You'll get banned if you spoil the pleasure of others, even if they ask for.

If you request some help :

Don't be too specific but don't be too vague. It's rather hard to find the right way to ask but imagine yourself in a room with other players. You can't whisper and you need to solve a riddle, you have the right to ask for a clue those who have already solved it, but you don't want the other players to find before you. To understand what you're asking for, one should be at the same step. Don't spoil the steps for the others ! You can use metaphors if you want. Show us that you're smart!

Read this topic carefully, your question may have already been asked (and answered). There's no need to ask the same question twice, even if there's no answer.

If you help somebody :

Don't help him too much, don't deprive him the pleasure to find by himself, just guide him on the way without being too specific, using as much images, metaphors and maybe other riddles as you can. After all, you're smart too wink!

If everybody plays by the rules, things will be much more funny and no one will get hurt.

Write in a correct language, ban SMS style and try to avoid spelling mistakes as much as possible.




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