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#1 2007-01-07 18:50:58

modo from quasi-paris (© FRiZ)
From: Montmagny
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Read me before you post

Dear OF members,

Please keep in mind that each puzzle is solvable without any further hint. Of course this forum is not here just for fun but try to help us to keep it clean. Here are some rules to do so :

- keep in mind that the purpose of this game is to think and the pleasure is never as big as when you find by yourself
- it could take several days or more to solve a single puzzle, this game is not a race let-alone a sprint
- do not hesitate to have a break if you're stuck
- read carefully the thread and think twice before posting
- don't take the forum for a chat room
- look out for not revealing crucial points
- if you finally succeed on your own after asking for help and no one has answered please delete your post

Thank you all.

glouton in French it means wolverine.
It's small, chunky and will gobble anything up !



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