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#1 2007-01-16 07:58:40

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Some of my stupid music

At the behest of some of the mean french people who run this place, I have put some of my musics on the internet. I am overseas at the moment and completely unequipped to record or make anything but shitty GarageBand music, so most of this comes from my high school or early college days oh so long ago and is therefore dreadfully embarassing. Fortunately for them, I am a glutton for punishment.

I felt this thread needed pictures, so here is myself rocking the karaoke here in Japan. (I am the whitest one.)

Songs (in approximate chronological order) - MP3 format, right click and save as to download

From my techno phase at the beginning of high school

From my (continuing) anti-love song phase also in high school

From the ambient guitar wankery files
A Moonlight Stroll

Now we get into the college days...

Simon & Garfunkel phase?
Exes and O's

Techno relapse
My TV Told Me So

Listening to too much Lynyrd Skynyrd

Then I took a silly music and computers class and made these atrocities:
Death Scene of a Broken Man

I did this one for a compilation called Outside the Inbox - Songs Inspired by SPAM. It got me linked on Penny Arcade. yikes
My Parents are Gone for the Weekend

I made one New Agey song, like you do... (was more an experiment in production techniques than anything)
What Happened to "Free?"

Started trying to synthesize my musical tastes with this
Fiddling Slowly to Apathy

Took a class on experimental music and made this for a performance of Futurist plays

Last year I took a class that focused on analog recording and composition techniques
Multitrack Composition 1 (Dinner)
Multitrack Composition 2 (Vocal piece)
Multitrack Composition 3 (Not sure)

I have left out all of my acoustic love ballads because Jesus Christ.

Don't rape my hosting too badly or this might have to go away. neutral



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