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#1 2007-01-30 01:13:03

From: Everywhere
Registered: 2006-11-28
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Do you have some ideas to spread the world with Ouverture Facile ?

It's obvious that people need Ouverture Facile, even if they are unaware of it.
We have to do something to bring some pain in their brains !

I will do 2 video advertisings but more drastic actions must be taken !

There are the flyers and the flags but the world is a big place...

I'm open to your suggestions.

ps : if you know a website where OF might interest some people, feel free to post this game on it.




#2 2007-07-08 19:25:25

United States
From: Massachusetts
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Re: Do you have some ideas to spread the world with Ouverture Facile ?

i have an idea! have you ever heard of stumble-upon? its a website that automatically points users to websites that might interest them. i have found so many amazing things this way. i do know that this costs money to register a website like OF with it - i dont know how much, i think it is something like 5 cents per visit - but you can set a limit to how many times users can stumble your website in a day. basically, by registering ouverture-facile with stumble upon, people who stumble things such as (these are just examples of categories you could list the game as) internet games, bizzare, flash, computer programming, etc. would be more likely to find OF. these people in turn would probably tell friends about it, which is a very effective way of spreading the word. i myself have got two people hooked on OF and i bet they tell thier friends about it too. if this sounds like a good idea, visit www.stumbleupon.com for more detailed information. it might be worth it. good luck.

Keep On Rock!
- Chitto from The Cheers

stuck on level 44



#3 2008-05-20 14:44:33

Mod' of War
From: Aberystwyth
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Re: Do you have some ideas to spread the world with Ouverture Facile ?

If you would be ever so kind to help us spreading the word, here's an idea [color=gray] :

We all have a favorite Webradio/radio/mag/webzine/forum/etc... Why not sending them an email about us for them to talk about us ?

I will even help you further... Here's one a prepared earlier, ain't I nice ? tongue

Dear who ever your sending the email to...

I'm sure you have tons and tons of emails like this one but I thought I'd try my luck anyway because it's worth it.
I would like to tell you about http://www.ouverture-facile.com/
It's a riddle game but not any odd riddle game, it is the best one on the market, market here being a figure of speech, because it is absolutly free.
Originated from France, where it became rapidly a phenomenon creating in it's wake a big happy community of followers and fans (14,631 members to this day), Ouverture Facile (the French translation for "Easy Opening"), or OF for short, has now a baby brother, the English version !
This site is dedicated to quality riddles for those who to an extent like to "suffer"...but some times, it's so good to think.
Graphically inspired, each level is a crafted little jewel with increasing difficulty throughout the game and where the only target is to get to the next one.
It is an intricate and fairly complex game with stict rules (NoSpoil !! where is the fun if you can just pick up the answers from the web?) but the endorphin boost that results in succeeding is a great motivator.
The ten first levels are here as a "tutorial", to show the different techniques, the "keys", needed to solved the riddles. They are not exactly classic ones and are
issued from an internet-related culture. You also learn a lot (Google is often your
best friend in many levels) and what you do in a riddle might be useful later in
another one...
To try it is to like (love ?) it but you have to have the dedication to really try it. If a
player gives up before the 15th level, he won't have a good idea of what the
game really is. It is FUN and highly addictive (in a good way) and a fantastic and
easy way to feel clever and good about yourself.
Originally, Ouverture Facile was launched in June 2005 (by Antoine G-Man aka the enigmatic Swan) and features 93 levels in the French version and already more than 70 (77 to be exact) in the English version (launched in November 2006). The game itself and its English forum have attracted people from all over the world (almost 2,000 members for now, but you don't have to be a member to play) from California, USA, as far as Japan. We are just starting in this big, scary and new to us international community and we would love a mention in your show/mag/site/etc..., it would really help us.

Many thanks.
All the best,

Your Nickname.

I sent this one to the english BBC Radio 2 afternoon show a couple of month ago, because I'm just at that age where you beggin to think that Radio 1 is too loud and because it has a bigger audience too. wink
It didn't work... well for now, but it was worth a try.

So here you go. Feel free to use this email or a version of it or something completly different, what ever, you have the big idea.
Once again, thank you for the help. big_smile

Don't forget to tell us about your good deeds here.

I ain't no stupid...I'm just french.

Level 70 something(english)/Level 93(french) done and dusted, next ! wink


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