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#1 2007-04-13 21:17:37

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I saw Swan's movies!

Hi there! First of all I would like to say: Swan what do you think about subtitling your movies and let us (poor english forum users) enjoy your movies. I saw them and tried to understand something... and I did...
(If you want to see Swan's movies go here http://www.ouverturefacile.com/forums/i … howforum=3)
I'm writing here only to say:
I'm playing ouverture facile and I know you're smart (by the way: how old are you?) and genius...
but now I saw your movies... god!
I changed mi idea about you... you're not a genius... you're a BLOODY genius! (well... and of course totally crazy! big_smile)
Ok I want to be totally sincere with you.
Hans: I didn't like it. I think I translated the whole movie and understood it. But I found it a little "old". I mean... direction is good but the movie in itself is a little bit boring. And too much "heavy" for no reason. I mean.... all that colours... I think they're unuseful for the movie (it's only my idea). And I think the plot is not good... I mean already heard about it... you know what I mean.... (I hope not to offend you... I'm only giving you my opinion about it) but...

Les amis de vincent: Guys... believe me... it's a MASTERPIECE! It's beautiful... that is what I want to see when I search for a "new" movie... it's fantastic! No other words... go on Antoine! I think you're on a good way if u want to be a director. I really would like to see it again with english subtitles so that I can enjoy it again and better.
The ending... 6EQUJ5! With that ropes and that medal... my god!
Thanks... you gave me an emotion. Really.

@ english forum users: let me know your opinion about Antoine's movies here.

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