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#1 2007-07-02 16:34:03

Mod' of War
From: Aberystwyth
Registered: 2007-01-17
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Read This. We're trying to be nice with you. ;)

You do good deeds you are rewarded that's the way the world goes.
Well, here is no different.
On OF we like you and we would like to do the same.
If you do something for us we'll rewarde you.
Be nice.Help people. Spread the word. Tell your friends.And we'll give you sheep.
Why sheep ?
Well... Why not ?
And if you want to become a shepherd you need sheep after all.

Our shepherds a very lucky people. They have access to a lot of cool things... For example, have you tried the brand new level yet ?
Some of our shepherds have. wink
You could also have the riddles of Your OF before anyone else.
You'd have your own private area of the forum just for you and your shepherd friends.
If that sounds good to you, all you have to do, it's to post here to show us your good deed.
A simple proof. Like a picture.
And you'll have a sheep. ^_^

So, remember :
Be nice.Help people. Spread the word. Tell your friends.

Aren't we nice then ? tongue

I ain't no stupid...I'm just french.

Level 70 something(english)/Level 93(french) done and dusted, next ! wink



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