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#1 2008-05-19 14:39:50

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How To Connect To The Chat ?

Well... I won't lie to you, this is going to get tough...
But none the less :

- Try to click the link Chat at the top this page (or on any other page of the forum...), in the toolbar-like thingy... or even better, click this one : CHAT or on pretty much any of the word Chat that I can fit in this post... wink

After that, you put your pseudonyme or pseudo, that's a fancy word for Nickname, your Password (only if your Nickname is registered, but more about that later*) and you hit/click that big "Connect" button !

Some times, later comes sooner than expected... :
* If you want to, you can registered your nickname (or for short Nick) once on the chat. Like that nobody can use it but you. Cool, isn' it ? But still... not compulsory, it's enterely up to you.

> To do so, you just have to type once on the chat, the first time and only once :

/nickserv register your-password a-valid-email
/ns register your-password a-valid-email

ex: /nickserv register JeffwMasterOfTheUnivers jeffw@jeffwland.co.uk
Exept that you don't have to have a password as long as mine and that in this example the email address is not a valid one... but exept for that, you've got the big idea. wink

Once that's done, everytime you connect to the chat, don't forget to log in using your nickname and your password on the home page of the applet (the page you have when you click the link) and that's pretty much it...

Obviously, you don't have to use the applet provided as there is plenty of free stuff around, nicer on the eye, that you could use, like chatzilla, mIRC, etc... anything that deals with IRC... but I was just talking here of the easiest way for you to join us on the chat...
That, and the fact that I was expecting my buddies to write the other tutorials for the rest of the stuff. ^_^

If you have any question/problem, fire away !


I ain't no stupid...I'm just french.

Level 70 something(english)/Level 93(french) done and dusted, next ! wink


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