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Read this ABSOLUTLY before posting

Informations on this section :

The aim of the section is to allow you to talk about subjects which don't fit with other sections. It hasn't been created to ask for help about riddles. There is a specific section for that : "Help"

Some rules you have to respect :

- It is FORBIDDEN to reveal answers to riddles or direct links towards any of them.

- Please, avoid SMS text messages

- If you want help on a riddle, go to the forum "Help". Once you are in, a good beginning would be to read the rules of the forum. If you persist not to respect these rules, you'll be banned.

- Before creating a new subject, check if the subject is not existant.

- Do NOT post anything wich could be illegal, even links to such things as mp3, divx. Morever, Do not post anything with pornographic, racist remarks, or anything else.

I'm so stupid ......
One day, I'll do the french riddle n°93... One day...
Stopped at the english 60 a long time ago



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