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#1 2006-12-01 13:59:47

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Import a picture or a file on the forum

Two ways are possible to import a picture on this forum :

If the picture is on a website :

Copy/paste the URL of your picture into your message, and highlight it :


Press the button "Img" and you'll get that :


Your image will now appear when you post your message.

If your picture or file is on your hard drive :


Press the bouton "browse" ("Parcourir" or "Choisir" if you're French) and choose your image, then press OK or open.


Attention !! Be careful of the size of your file. If it's too big, it will not be attached !
Morever, if you do a preview, Don't forgive to put again the link to your image !!

If you succeed, you will get this :


I'm so stupid ......
One day, I'll do the french riddle n°93... One day...
Stopped at the english 60 a long time ago


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