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#1 2008-05-19 16:01:00

Mod' of War
From: Aberystwyth
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READ THIS ! Before connecting to the Chat.

On the Chat like on the forum, we have rules and you'll be reminded of them everytime you connect, please, respect them... we want to stay friends.big_smile

Few rules to respect in here to avoid a good kicking : 1 - It is FORBIDDEN to give the answers to the riddles or to give any link/URL toward any of the levels of the game. | 2 - NO HELP will be given here. Anybody asking for help will be kicked out of the chat without warning. | 3 - To make it easier on the eye, colors, bold or underlined characters are forbidden.

So remember :

Ouverture-Facile's Chat is not a help forum.

You will have NO help there.

And if you decided to ignore this rule you'll be sanctioned by a Black Sheep.

Thank you.

I ain't no stupid...I'm just french.

Level 70 something(english)/Level 93(french) done and dusted, next ! wink


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